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Hi, I'm Dr. Mac Kneipp


Over 30 Years of Veterinary Experience

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc (Hons) MVS(Small Animal Medicine) MANZCVS (Pharmacology))


Mac has been a full-time practicing mixed animal vet for 30 years. He has a particular interest in equine medicine and surgery, feedlot cattle medicine, ophthalmology and veterinary pharmacology, but he hasn’t specialized and is just as happy to see a guinea pig, dog or camel. Mac is a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Vet Scientists in the Veterinary Pharmacology Chapter. He has recently completed a Masters of Vet Science in Small Animal Medicine through Murdoch University.

A love for animals

This love of animals came from growing up on mixed sheep and cattle property near Bonshaw, northern NSW. Mac’s veterinary studies led him to do a gap year on a piggery and dairy in Germany; he can speak German to this day! He completed his Bachelor of Veterinary Science at UQ in 1985 with first class honours, as well as co-authoring a published paper with Professor Trevor Heath on lymphatics that year.

After graduation Mac worked for 5 years as a mixed animal veterinarian – 18 months with John Brown BVSc at Tenterfield followed by locum work. This took him around Australia, to the UK and to Ethiopia during an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease. In 1990 he opened Border Veterinary Surgery in its current location in Goondiwindi. Mac and Cathy (married 1992 in Brisbane) have been updating and renovating the clinic ever since.

Currently Mac is undertaking a Phd researching pink eye in cattle, running treatment trials with many of our local graziers.

In his spare time Mac enjoys reading, learning and all things to do with animals. He has raised many orphan animals, is a keen bird watcher, and likes horse riding including harness horse, motorbiking, playing tennis and living in the country with Cathy and raising 3 children.

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Meet Our Team

Cathy Kneipp_edited.jpg
Dr Cathy Kneipp

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc (Hons))

Meet Cathy, a highly experienced veterinarian with 31 years at Border Vet Surgery. Currently pursuing a PhD in brucellosis in hunting dogs, she is passionate about advancing veterinary medicine. Cathy has a special interest in small animal medicine and surgery, providing meticulous care to her furry patients. With her expertise, ongoing learning, and genuine love for animals, she ensures personalised care in a warm and welcoming environment. Cath is a member of the eisteddfod committee and immerses herself in the expanding Goondiwindi art scene. Her fur children consists of Gimli the Dachshund, Luka and Felix the burmese and she has recently started counting Pixar the pony in the mix. 

Emily Thompson.jpg
Dr Emily Thompson

Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons I))

Emily joined us from Western Namoi Veterinary Services in January 2019. She originally hails from Buderim on the Sunshine Coast and completed her studies at UQ in 2014 attaining first class honours. Emily is an accomplished and caring vet and excels in all aspects of veterinary care from surgery, and medicine through to large animal work including equine dentistry. She has completed specialised courses in equine dentistry and reproduction, ultrasonography, emergency and critical care. Settling well into rural lifestyle, Em has a Border Collie dog of her own named Molly and a stockhorse named Dusty.

Conor McMahon.jpg
Dr Conor McMahon

Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veterinary Science)

Conor joined the Border Vet Surgery team at the beginning of 2020 after graduating from James Cook University. He comes from a family of vets and has great enthusiasm for the profession. He enjoys all aspects of mixed practice so you will see him working up a medicine case on a cat to out in the cattle yards with the new ultrasound machine preg testing. He is currently completing further training in equine reproduction and cattle medicine. Conor is adapting well to the Goondiwindi lifestyle and has recently adopted a kelpie named Trigger that he acquired from our local rescue, MAPR.

Katie Lowe.jpg
Dr Katie Lowe

Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veterinary Science)

Katie is a Goondiwindi local who has decided to return home and join us here at Border Vet Surgery! Katie, a 2020 graduate from James Cook University who has since pursued additional studies in small animal dentistry and wildlife care. Katie provides comprehensive care for small animals throughout their entire lives from puppy consultations to quality-of-life plans. Katie has made the most of being home and enjoys netball, time with family and spoiling her two MAPR adoptees Nona the cat and Bene the mixed breed dog. 

Xin picture_edited.jpg
Dr Mai-Xin

Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veterinary Science)

Xin is a 2019 James Cook University graduate who has opted for an inland change after previously working on the sunny coast. Xin has a keen interest in large animal work. Focusing on cattle and small ruminants, she provides exceptional care, from routine check-ups to addressing specific health concerns.

She is actively perusing accreditation in both pregnancy testing and bull testing and we wish her the best in obtaining both of these in the near future. 

You may see her around town with her handsome dog 'Beans' so please make her feel welcome. 

Katie Benson.jpeg
Dr Katie Benson

Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veterinary Science)

Katie has worked at Border Veterinary Surgery since graduation in 2006. She now works part time whilst raising 3 children and working on the farm. She loves her days in at the vet clinic and enjoys all aspects of mixed practice. She is excellent with cattle and horses but still loves the opportunity to work up complicated small animal cases.

Dr Mikaela Rowe

Veterinarian (Bachelor in Veterinary Science )

Mikaela started working part time at Border Veterinary Surgery in 2019. We love luring her back into the clinic but she is kept very busy by her 3 daughter and own family business. She has previous mixed practice experience and we love seeing her in action.

Laura Pall.jpg
Laura Pall 

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Laura has been with Border Vets for 13 years, gaining her Vet Nurse qualification through NSW TAFE. She particularly loves little fluffy dogs, and has just acquired a new ratbag named Darren/Gammen/Dazzle. This is one of the many fourlegged crew amongst Laura’s family.  Laura is our all -round amazing nurse, from helping with the sick animals, to answering the phones, to the office work, to fixing the computers, we can’t live without her!

Leigh Glasser.jpg
Leigh Glasser

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Leigh has been with the practice for over 30 years. She was awarded the 2014 Provet Equine Nurse of the Year. She is the proud owner of Turtle, the most handsome dachshund in the world, Chino and Lucky the cats, Allie the horse and Blue the goat. Leigh's main interests are dachshunds, horses, cattle breeding and the challenge of small animal medical cases. She is a very knowledgeable, dedicated and attentive nurse that makes sure all the patients in her care are very well looked after.

Natalie Devine

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Natalie joined the Border Vets team at the start of 2023. After completing her Cert IV in Vet Nursing with Tafe NSW She has been nursing for three years in General Practice, Emergency and specialist surgery hospitals. Natalie is settling well into rural life after moving up from a busy Sydney and is enjoying having a veggie patch as well as the company of her two kelpies Max and Leo. Natalie is enthusiastic about all aspects of nursing from puppy behaviour and training, to emergency anaesthesia and is so excited to support your pets through their next visit.  

Samantha Faulkner

Trainee Veterinary Nurse (Cert II in Animal Studies)

Sammy has been a member of our team since her school years when she started a school based traineeship in animal studies. She is currently undertaking her Cert IV in vet nursing through NSW TAFE. Sam is a local Goondiwindi girl, she has a beautiful big dog called Bunji, and enjoys working with our larger breeds in the clinic, particularly our hunting dogs! Her dogs are commonly called upon to be blood donors for our patients in need. She is currently working on reception. Sam is an enthusiastic member of the team and is quickly picking up on new skills here in the clinic.

Alyssa Baker


Alyssa joined our team in 2022 after having previously worked for 3 years in the feedlot industry. Originally from Texas QLD, Alyssa moved to Goondiwindi to pursue a career that fulfils her passion for animals. Her current role in our team is as our receptionist and she is studying a Certificate II in Animal Studies and will commence her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in the near future.  Alyssa’s fur family consists of Murphy the Dachshund and Meredith the cat. 

Leo the wonder cat

Client Relations (Bachelor of lounging (Hons class I))

Leo is our resident feline, he is well known to many of our clients often keeping them on their toes and entertained. He is one of the longest running staff members being here 13 years in 2021. Leo enjoys lounging in the reception and overseeing activities in consult room one. He has a talent for swiping children when they least expect it and is often found greeting anyone and everyone throughout the clinic. Leo is currently having some health issues and is on a plethora of medications but luckily he has the best veterinary team at his disposal. 

Sybil Darling

Client Relations (Cert IV in changing perceptions)

Sybil is our resident Murray Darling carpet python. She is approximately 3 metres long and is particularly stunning with her intricate grey, brown and white patterns. Sybil is a lovely girl who adds a unique aspect to our clinic, like we say, we love all animals. She invokes plenty of fear and admiration amongst our clients, garnering many different reactions to those she meets. She can be seen enjoying her favourite dinner, a large rat every few weeks. In between meals she enjoys plenty of time sleeping and exploring around the clinic with who are game to handle her! Sybil is working hard on changing the perception that snakes are scary and evil.

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