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Pet Shop

At Border Vet Surgery we not only have a range of veterinary services to offer but we also have an assortment of accessories for your pet! 


In our pet shop you will find accessories suitable for dogs, cats, birds, fish and small mammals. 

If you are looking for a product that we don’t stock regularly our staff are always happy to order that product in for you or direct you to the nearest stockist.


We have housing accessories, food and toys for guinea pigs, reptiles, rodents and birds. Border Vets is also one of the only stores in the Goondiwindi region that stocks a variety of freshwater/tropical fish as well as all your aquarium needs. You can purchase filters, heaters, food and water treatments as well as a diverse range of aquarium ornaments. 


You always need some snazzy accessories for your beloved animals and at Border vets we often get in the newest and grooviest products. We have a wide range of collars, leads and harnesses that match any dog or cats style. And don’t forget to ask our friendly staff about k9 bridles! If you have a pooch that gets a bit too excited when going for walks and they are the one taking you for a walk then you definitely need a K9 Bridle. Tried and tested by our staff they can personally tell you how they have changed their lives!


At Border Vets we stock a variety of veterinary prescription and science diet foods for your pets nutritional needs at all stages of their life. Our vets and nurses can advise you on choosing the right food for your pets and we regularly discuss feeding regimes with clients. We are happy to help with any concerns you have about what you’re feeding your pet and how we can help develop a healthy understanding and relationship of your pet and their dietary needs. 


For all your pet accessories even for general advice, our staff are always ready to help and give you great advice. 

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